B.Quiet 2-4 Person POD

Rapidline B.Quiet Acoustic Pods are the perfect solution for providing privacy and confidentiality in today’s modern open plan office. Offering a cost-effective and efficient way to ensure conversations, phone calls and video conferences remain uninterrupted and private, the B.Quiet is an excellent addition to any workplace. With a simple, sleek design, the pod fits effortlessly, taking up minimal space and can be relocated when required.

Materials Door: German doorware Glass: 10mm saftey glass with aluminium frame

Floor: Anti-static and stain resistance low loop pile carpet

Features Fans: Fitted with ventilation fans, controlled by a door triggered sensor Light: Fitted with 1 x LED light (4000K) Power outlets: 10Amp powerpoint and USB A+C charging ports Furniture: All Sizes - Built-in table surface Meeting & large pod only - Built-in seating in the meeting size pod Specifications Noise reduction: Up to 30DB Power consumption: Single and Work Pods - 10W; 4W light, 6W fans Meeting and Large Pods - 18W; 6W light, 12W fans