Privi Flex Desk Hung Screen

NG Privi Flex is the process of micro incisions which allows us to bend, shape and flex Hush around corners while retaining structural integrity.

Privi Desk Hung Panels

Privi is custom formed for every order from Hush 18mm acoustic panels. Its four flowing radial corners and clean lines form a distinctive physical barrier. With its unique proprietary integrated bracketing, Privi is in a league of its own by not having any visible brackets on the exterior side of the panel.

Privi is the perfect partner for height-adjustable desks. Strong, rigid and sturdy yet lightweight thereby reducing the weight load on the motors.
Designed to suit 25mm worktops, Privi is discreetly mounted to the side of the desk, hanging above and below. Privi provides multiple benefits such as creating a personal workspace combined with below desk modesty, acoustic noise reduction and a modern clean designer look. Privi is available in nine colours, with a solid colour throughout, flame retardant and contains a minimum of 60% post-consumer recycled material (PET).

  • Endless sizes available
  • 14 different colours
  • Heights above and below the desk can vary
  • Please call for pricing for alternative sizes